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About Bloomingfeld

Environmental engineers, EHSQ consultants, quality auditors, urban planners, architects, project managers, safety advisors, trainers, ISO implementors, business strategists, corporate social responsibility mentors, information mappers, mobility masters, food protectors, supply chain guards, compliance specialists, sustainability knights, cloud walkers, green builders, due diligence rangers, application angels and it wouldn't be that hard to come up with a few more.

We are even crazy enough to add one more definition because we think we should indeed go one step further.

We call ourselves the world's first knowledge resources activation company.

Every company runs on knowledge, tiny bits of data that drive your operational processes and tell you how your company is performing. They come in various shapes and colours such as an ISO system that helps you monitor and document your tasks or in the form of emission monitoring that shares how you are influencing your environment. Next to operational know-how we consider environment, quality, safety, urban planning, corporate social responsibility and human resources as the key performance indicators at work in every company. They tell you how you interact with your surroundings, staff, clients, goods, services. They are the scouts looking out for anomalies that may cause havoc. We call them knowledge resources. They are present in any company, they can be mined, purified and applied to make things better. They can be activated and that's exactly what we do. We transform them into a useful set of boots that guide you around your company and help you run where others walk.

We love your boots. We love to experience how it feels to walk in your footsteps and follow your company wherever it prospers, because by looking at your business from the inside we help you determine how to make things run even smoother. Nobody understand your business better than you and we help you transform such understanding into verifiable, tangible and quantifiable data that we'll put to work to make your enterprise even more successful.

Exactly, all of this is about you and how much we are willing to follow your company to make it run smoother and more efficiently whilst reducing your overhead costs at the same time.

The most amazing thing is that it actually works and it has earned us the trust and recognition of SMEs, multinationals, governements, municipalities and international organizations.

Since 2009 it has grown our company from a couple of wild student ideas into a player operating in 27 countries and we still do it with the same passion as the first day because we simply love to convert challenges into change. So bring on those challenges and let's get started.expat programme, an incentive that combines challenging opportunities with a zest for adventure.

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