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“Around 20% of material use in the EU is inefficient and the investment to remedy would pay back in 1 to 6 years.

More efficient management of resources could for example help UK businesses save £23 billion a year.”

Bloomingfeld offers environmental consulting, engineering, monitoring, audits, trainings and environmental management applications.

We put you in the passenger seat while navigating your company through the tangle of local, national and international environmental laws, procedures and best practice guidelines.


Our experts work closely together with governments and authorities to deliver the prerequisite permits or approvals suitable to the requirements of each company whilst in full compliance with applicable regulations.

Determined to deliver

At present Bloomingfeld holds a 100% delivery benchmark for permits and certification.


Environmental Permits
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Management
Air, Soil and Water Management
Waste Management
Environmental Audits & Compliance
Energy Efficiency
ISO 14001
Lifecycle Analysis & C2C
Climate Change
Legal Advice & Due Diligence


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