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“82% of companies do a type of quality audits on a regular basis, but only 56% of them are effective.

The integration of quality, environment and OH&S management systems consolidates and speeds up process documentation with 65%.”

Bloomingfeld offers quality consulting, optimization, audits, certification and trainings and implementation of quality monitoring solutions.

Focusing on quality is caring for excellence in everything. Proper quality management is not
only a means of delivering great products or services, it is even more about optimizing your
own resources to achieve the best without hassle or setbacks, to streamline your business and
to maximize profits as quality will not only ask for supreme performance but equally functions
as benchmark for every customer bound to return to your business, bound to promote your
name beyond.

Bloomingfeld has a unique approach to quality management:

1. Free Quality Scan to evaluate your current situation;
2. Delivered overhead savings of 10 to 30%;
3. Tailored solutions, built for your business.


Quality Audits
Supply Chain Management
ISO 9001
Food Safety
British Retail Consortium (BRC)
Codex Alimentarius
Halal Certification
ISO 22000
CE Marking
Integrated Management Systems


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