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“Each year 4% of world GDP is lost through work related death, injury or sickness. “The worldwide cost of natural disasters has skyrocketed from $2 billion in the 1980s, to $27 billion over the past decade.”

Bloomingfeld offers safety consulting, risk assessments, audits, trainings and implementation
of safety applications.

95% of surveyed companies shows signicant setbacks in safety compliance, ranging from
mislabeling of goods, absence of mandatory safety records upto high probablity of incident
and accident occurence. Continual and continuous improvement is the key to cope with today
and tomorrow’s challenge.

Bloomingfeld adds value to safety management

1. Free Safety Scan to evaluate your current situation;
2. Well-versed in best safety practices for companies and international organizations;
3. Scalable action plan and dedicated overhaul;
4. Proprietary safety management and monitoring technology.


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