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Urban Planning


“Almost half of the UK’s carbon emissions are caused by buildings. The long-term goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 80 per cent by 2050, and that means creating buildings with minimal environmental impact.

GIS can help companies save up to 30% in operational expenses through reduction in mileage , overtime, and routing planning time.”

Bloomingfeld offers urban and city development consulting, smart monitoring, studies, trainings and implements geospatial applications.

More than 34% of both commericial and residential properties are non-compliant with urban
planning regulations. By 2050 up to 40,000 new cities will have to be built to cater to the
needs of the growing world population. A requirement that urges for streamlined and
optimized urban planning.

Bloomingfeld provides unique support:

1. Agile step-by-step optimization for existing urban cores;
2. Enhanced mobility analysis;
3. Proprietary traffic monitoring technology.


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